Larp Shops in Germany

On this page we collected the best Larp-Shops from Germany. Some of the shops deliver the goods in Europe and some do worldwide.

Here a special Feauture: Dunkelart sells Larp-Weapons with a special „Esprit“, very innovative.

Larp weapon brutes

Engelsschmiede –
Engelschmiede offers quality brutes for blades. You can buy produtcs in the sizes from dagger to long swords. the cost is between 10 und 20 € for German-wide delivery.

Dein Larp-Shop
This is shop is popular in Germany. It offers foam brutes for: blades, maces, axes and shiels. You find also a lot of DIY stuff.

The Marketender offers products for larp weapons DIY. This shop offers as a special Foam-components for boffer / latex weapons like guards or blade-weapons.

Freyhand is the newcomer for spumed Larp-Weapons in Germany. The offer innovative DIY kits for simple Larp-weapons. I think the kits are most suitable for DIY beginners. Material of the components is high quality.

Fiberglass cores

Marketender –
Marketender offers a very nice service and I personally have very good experiences with delivery times and communication. This larp online store offers a lot of cores for Larp weapons and as special there are a lot of dimensions that you can’t buy in other shops in Germany. Recommend this shop.

Wyvern –
Wyvern offers the most common dimensions of cores and good prices. Furthermore the offer the offer equipment for building you boffer / foam / latex weapon on your own.

Feuerhammer –…
Auch hier die gängigen Größen an Kernstäben. Bietet auf jedenfall das Standard-Sortiment. Zum Service dieses Shops kann ich relativ wenig sagen, keine Erfahrungswerte vorhanden.

Larp shields

Maskworld offers a great asortment of larp shields. Some specials are shields for „modern“ Genres like zombielarp or fallout; e.g. Police shields. Recommended!

Der Maketender
Good assortment. Very good service, Recomended!

Beautiful shields with a lot of „Esprit“ with realistic style. Small assortment but sophisticated design. Recommended!

Larp DIY

As you probably know offers a lot of very good products for Larp DIY.

Der Nordländer
Bietet neben Polsterwaffen auch Bastelmaterial wie Kettenringe, Schaumstoff und GFK-Stäbe (Kernstäbe) fürs Larp an. Sortiment im Bereich Bastelmaterial ist nicht besonders gross.

Offers good quality larp products, very good service.

Latex weapons

A Lot of products, very cheap waepons can be found here.

Ars Sica –
Very high quality!

Dein Larp Shop –
Popular shop from Germany, large assortment.

Medieval armour

Good shop with great offers!

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More information:

We try to find the best links to larp shops from Germany. This list is updated frequently but I think there are a whole lot of Shops in Germany for larp-equipment.